I’ve been trying to buy food from Amazon b/c I’m lazy and get free shipping but everything is in bulk :-(


botanical vii (by january fairy)

please do not remove the credits!


headcanon where roy says he wants his favourite blonde lieutenant to be the first thing he sees when he gets his eyesight back

so he opens his eyes to havoc all up in his face like BOSS! YOU CAN SEE! YOU CAN SEE! LOOK, LOOK! I CAN WALK! I’M WAAALKING!

and he’s not even that angry about it because the second thing he sees is riza laughing.

campus is scary at night 😱


Lavender Fields
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bramble tattoo by alice kendall at wonderland tattoo in portland, OR



fics where they both think it’s unrequited pining



The bottle-green ocean


9am, last night was the first minus degrees

  • i’m snapchatting this guy in my math class and he has a giant inflatable beer bottle and a thing of vodka just sitting on top of his fridge. you live in a dorm what are you doing. smh
  • someone outside just burped REALLY loudly lmaoooo